Examinations & Xrays

Initial Cosmetic Consultation with Treatment Co-Ordinator Free
Initial Invisalign Consultation with Treatment Co-Ordinator Free
Initial Bonding Consultation with Treatment Co-Ordinator Free
Exam, Scale and Polish (incl. 2 Xrays) with PRSI dental benefits cover €15
Private New Patient Examination (not inc Xrays)€40
Routine Check Up (not incl Xrays)€40
Private Exam for child 0-18yrs ,with Scale & Polish €60
Under 6 Exam, Scale & Polish - Private (child)€40
Emergency Exam€40
Panoral Radiograph €60
Small Xray €10

Orthodontic Treatment / Invisalign

Invisalign Go (Free whitening included)€3950
Invisalign Go Plus (Free whitening included)€4600
Vivera Retainers €450

6 month smile

1 Arch€3000
2 Arch €3500


Hygiene PRSI€15
Seal & Protect (per tooth)€35
Scale and Polish with Dentist€70
Hygienist Session - Private€70
Hygienist Double Session - Private€140
Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing€250

Composite Bonding (Veneers)

Per 6 teeth€1200
Per tooth thereafter€200
Emax Veneer€700

Tooth Whitening

Home Bleaching Kit (Whitening)€250
Pola Light€250
Top Up Syringe €35
Internal Tooth Bleaching for non vital tooth€150 per session

Crown and Bridge

Dental Crowns (Options to be discussed with dentist)From €700
Temporary Bridge (Per unit)€150
Recement Bridge€150
Fixed Dental Bridges From €700


Fissure Sealant €35
Temporary Filling€50
Glass Ionomer€70
Anterior Composite Filling€90
Posterior Composite Filling - 1 Surface€95
Posterior Composite Filling - 2 Surfaces€105
Posterior Composite Filling - 3 Surfaces€120

Root Canal Treatments

Intial Root Canal Treatment€200
RCT - Incisor/Canine Inc Xray and Filling€450
RCT - Premolar Tooth Inc Xray and Filling€500
RCT - Molar Inc Xray and Filling€700


Extractionsfrom €100
Dry Socket Treatmentfrom €50
Incise and Drainfrom €80

Inlays & Onlays

Recement Inlay/Onlay€120
Inlay/Onlay - Porcelain/Ceramicfrom €650
Inlay/Onlay - Goldfrom €750


Topical Application Of Fluoride Varnish€30
Fissure Sealant - Per Tooth€35
Mouthguard €200
Bruxism Splint€200
Anti Snoring Device€450


Tooth Addition to a Acrylic Denturefrom €150
Denture Reline In Surgeryfrom €180
Claspfrom €150
Denture Reline Labfrom €180
Denture Repairfrom €200
Tooth Addition to a Chrome Denturefrom €150
Partial Acrylic Denture (1-3 teeth)from €350
Immediate Acrylic Denturefrom €350
Partial Acrylic Denture (4-7 teeth)from €450
Full Acrylic Denturefrom €600
Partial Chrome Denturefrom €1,100
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic Denturesfrom €1200