Examinations & Xrays

Initial Orthodontic Consultation (5mins)Free
Initial Cosmetic Consultation (5 mins)Free
Initial Invisalign Consultation (5mins)Free
Initial Bonding Consultation (5mins)Free
Exam, Scale and Polish (incl. 2 Xrays) with PRSI dental benefits cover15
Private New Patient Examination (not inc Xrays)40
Exam, Scale & Polish - GMS medical card holder70
Exam, S&P - private100
Routine Check Up (not incl Xrays)30
Under 16 Exam- not incl. Xray (child)20
Private Exam for child 6-16yrs ,with Scale & Polish60
Under 6 Exam, S&P - private (child)40
Emergency Exam30
Panoral Radiograph60
Small Xray15
Full Orthodontic Consult incl. OPG, Ceph, Study Models95
Study Models150
Comprehensive Consultation250
Diagnostic Wax Up500


Composite Veneer300
Porcelain Veneer500
Emax Veneer600
Da Vinci Veneers800

Tooth Whitening

Home Bleaching Kit (Whitening)200
Tooth Whitening Impressions200
Internal Tooth Bleaching500

Crown and Bridge

Recement Crownfrom 100
Recement Postfrom 120
Temporary/Provisional Crown150
Fiber White Post Build Up250
Direct Post & Core250
Composite Crown500
Precision Attachment600
Empress Crown650
Emax Crown700
Emax Crown (Cerec)700
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown PFM700
Telescopic Crown700
Milled Crown800
Procera Crown800
Zirconia Crown850
Gold Crown950
Temporary Bridge (per unit)150
Recement Bridge200
Maryland Bridge (per unit)500
Emax Bridge (oer unit)650
Porcelain Bonded Bridge (per unit)650
Zirconia Bridge (per unit)700


Fissure Sealant35
Temporary Fillingfrom 40
Glass Ionomerfrom 60
Anterior Composite Fillingfrom 80
Preventative Resin Restorationfrom 80
Amalgam Fillingfrom 80
Posterior Composite Fillingfrom 90
Composite Bonding (per surface)from 100

Root Canal Treatments

Pulpotomy (Excluding Final Restoration)100
Intial Root Canal Treatment150
RCT - Incisor/Canine Inc Xray and Filling350
RCT - Premolar Tooth Inc Xray and Filling450
RCT - Molar Inc Xray and Filling650


Extractionsfrom 80
Dry Socketfrom 50
Incise and Drainfrom 80
Extractionfrom 100
Surgical Extractionfrom 180
Coronectomyfrom 180

Inlays & Onlays

Recement Inlay/Onlay120
Inlay/Onlay - Porcelain/Ceramic450
Inlay Imps & Prep450
Inlay/Onlay - Gold750
Porcelain Onlay/Inlay600


Topical Application Of Fluoride Varnish20
Fissure Sealant - Per Tooth35
Articulated Study Models150
Crown Lengthening250
Bruxism Splint350
Anti Snoring Device450


Tooth Addition to a Acrylic Denture100
Denture Reline InSurgery120
Soft Lining (Tissue Conditioning)120
Denture Reline Lab150
Denture Repair150
Tooth Addition to a Chrome Denture150
Partial Acrylic Denture (1-3 teeth)350
Immediate Acrylic Denture350
Partial Acrylic Denture (4-7 teeth)450
Partial Acrylic Denture (8-12 teeth)500
Full Acrylic Denture600
Partial Chrome Denture950
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic Dentures1200