Edel Greaney

Edel is the practice manager at Alexandra Dental Practice. She has been part of our team from 2007. Edel successfully completed her Diploma in Dental Nursing and has worked by Dr. O’Donovans side for a number of years gaining an extensive knowledge of Dental procedures. Edel has also been extensively trained in assisting in the delivery of sedation and implant dentistry. Edel has a genuine interest in our patients and their welfare. Edel has spoken to patients that have been so frightened of the dentist that they could not even step inside the door of the practice. Those very patients are now regular attendees at Alexandra Dental Practice. Edel is kind, considerate, and very knowledgeable. A brief phone call with Edel will answer all your questions and put you at ease. We are very proud to have her as part of our team. Edel provides a customer service to our patients’ that is second to none.