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Hygienist Treatments

Hygienist Treatments

Our Hygienists are trained to deliver a wide range of treatments to our patients. As well as carrying out routine cleanings our hygienists give special care and attention to the specific needs of each individual patient. No two cleanings are the same and this is why we offer a variety of services to our patients. For the ultimate in care, relaxation and a fresh clean smile look no further than the hygienists at Alexandra Dental Practice.

High Gloss Finish

If you want the gold standard in polished teeth you can opt for our Hygienist to use a Prophy Jet. This is a pain free air powered system that combines air pressure and a fine powder to clean your teeth.

Aesthetic Hygiene Appointment

If you have crowns, veneers or bridges then there is no doubt that you want to look after them. Our Hygienists will carry out a cleaning specific to the maintenance and care of your crowns, veneers or bridges to help you gain as much longevity out of your dental work as is possible.

Orthodontic Hygiene Appointment

Having braces placed introduces a new angle to your oral hygiene regime. Our Hygienist will show you all the tips and tricks not to mention giving you a cleaning that is specific to your orthodontic treatment. A regular cleaning where fixed braces are placed may not be enough.

Implant Hygiene Appointments

Due to our high standards in Implant placement we have a dental hygiene programme that is specific to the maintenance and care of Dental Implants. This requires specific equipment to carry out cleaning on Dental Implants. We would hope that with regular visits to our hygienist it would contribute significantly to the long life associated with high standard of implant placement at Alexandra Dental Practice.

Full Mouth Detox

We offer two packages for our patients to ensure that they get the time with the Hygienist that they need and that suits their schedule.

30 min X 4 Visits

60 min X 2 Visits

General Services

Pit and Fissure sealants can be placed by our Hygienist. This treatment blocks hard to get at areas of your children’s back teeth so as to ensure decay is kept to a minimum.

Fluoride Treatments are also available for our patients particularly patients from areas of Non Fluoridated Water.

Don’t like needles…

Oraqix is a needle free anaesthetic and enables our Hygienist to carry out minor cleaning procedures without having to use a local anaesthetic injection.


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