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Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

Nervous & Phobic Patients.

So fearful of the dentist you can’t even walk into a dental practice? Read on

We strive for pain free, stress free dentistry in a relaxed environment. We understand the intense fear that some people have of the dentist. Trust us, you no longer need to suffer with the pain of troublesome teeth and the embarrassment that they can cause.

Dental Anxiety

We have vast experience in dealing with very anxious patients. We will try to find out what makes you nervous and use treatment options such as dental sedation to help you get through your appointment.

There are many reasons for dental phobias from injections, a drill, embarrassment, or even bad past experiences to name but a few. At Alexandra Dental Practice we have seen them all and treated many phobic patients successfully. We have turned peoples lives around by helping them overcome their fears and regain control of their oral health.

Dental Sedation

I need to be put to sleep…

Intravenous Dental Sedation uses sedative drugs to rapidly create a relaxed state that is maintained and monitored throughout your treatment. You will become drowsy and unaware of any treatment, but you will still be able to co-operate with the dentist. It is the method of choice for the treatment of highly fearful patients and those that want to be very comfortable during treatment. If you want you can listen to the music of your choice on our noise cancelling headphones. We have a TV directly over your head to distract you even further.

At Alexandra Dental Practice our track record with nervous patients is second to none. We have acquired life long devoted patients from our approach to dental phobia. Check out our testimonials. We can stand over our reputation.


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