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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The latest in Dental Technology has created new possibilities for us to achieve beautiful smiles for our patients that they thought they could never have. At Alexandra Dental Practice we tailor our cosmetic treatment plans in such a way that you feel in control of the process. We ensure it meets your needs and your budget from minor alterations to full smile makeovers.

Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover is the creation of a new smile that is just the right fit for you. Using modern techniques and best practices we can align crowded teeth, close gaps, reduce protruding teeth, whiten teeth, improve a gummy smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, replace missing teeth or any combination of the above. The type of treatment involved can vary from Orthodontic treatment (braces) to veneers to implants. If you are interested in a Smile Makeover please book an appointment for a Cosmetic Consultation.


Maximum effect with minimum hassle

Bonding involves the preparation of a tooth-coloured material used to fill in unsightly gaps. There is absolutely no invasion of the tooth surface at all in most cases. Only one single visit is usually required and bonding can last several years.

Dr. O’Donovan, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Horgan all share an eye for perfection. We have numerous examples of the highest quality in bonding in our gallery for you to look at. For a quick fix (where appropriate) they can truly work magic leaving you with fully functional, beautiful teeth.

This process can also be incorporated into other treatments where appropriate. Some patients have bonding done as part of their smile makeover. A popular combination of treatments can be alignment of the teeth, whitening, bonding and contouring leaving behind a truly amazing smile.

Advantages of Treatment combinations;

  • This is an affordable and efficient way to rejuvenate your smile.
  • Minimally invasive
  • Its painless
  • Its Safe
  • You are in control of the end result

The only aspect of the treatment that can take up time is the alignment of the teeth. If you have healthy teeth and gums alignment of the teeth can take anything from 3-9 months. This timeframe is different for everyone. Once the teeth are aligned the rest of the combination can be accommodated in just one visit.

What’s involved?

  • Alignment of the teeth (where necessary)
  • There will be a sequence of specified dates and appointments made at the outset and depending on the speed at which the teeth will align we can then progress to the next stage of the treatment. (where necessary)
  • Remove the braces and ensure all parties are happy with the progress. (Where necessary)
  • A permanent retainer is fitted to ensure that your smile does not lose its new and improved shape. (where necessary)
  • Whitening trays will be given to you in order to bring the shade of your teeth to a much brighter and whiter level than you ever had before. This step is only required if your teeth are a darker shade and need a lift in colour.
  • Our dentist will use the very latest in bonding materials to fill in unsightly gaps in your teeth. This is the chemical bonding process.
  • At this stage the cosmetic team at Alexandra Dental Practice will use their expert skills and years of experience to create what will look like a perfectly formed tooth in your mouth. Your smile will never look as good.

How do I know what it will look like?

With Digital Smile Design you will get to see the end result before we ever start treatment.

Tooth Whitening

At Alexandra Dental Practice we can create bespoke whitening trays that will fit your mouth comfortably. It involves taking an impression of your teeth and having custom trays constructed at our in-house laboratory. You will then be shown how to apply the whitening gel onto your teeth using the custom trays. The trays must then be worn for 1-2 hours per day or overnight for a period of approximately 14 days.

Brighten your smile by up to 10 shades

Teeth become discoloured over time from drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking to name but a few. No matter how good our dental regime is over time the teeth can become discoloured.

What is tooth whitening?

It is a process where hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel is used to brighten the outside of the teeth. There are many systems available in tooth whitening. We make a customized tray that fits perfectly and spreads the gel evenly amongst your teeth. You can wear the tray on your mouth overnight. It can take a couple of weeks to achieve but the result can range from a lightening of the teeth by 5-10 shades.

You can also avail of chair side whitening systems such as Laser Whitening and Zoom Whitening. The most appropriate method will be decided by our dentist after a thorough examination and assessment.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening

  • Quick
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive
  • Simple to use

Unsafe Methods of Tooth Whitening

We want to protect you from illegal or harmful tooth whitening. Remember, your tooth can be damaged if you do not use prescribed treatments on it. You are putting chemicals in your mouth that without proper care and advice as given only by Doctors or Dentists can result in a number of conditions and harmful outcomes. Please refer to a website called The site was created to educate people on whitening teeth in a safe and legal way.

Cosmetic Bridge

Its secure, its fixed in place, and the gaps disappear leaving a great smile.

A bridge will permanently replace one or more missing teeth. It does not need to be taken out of the mouth like a denture. Closing the space is important for cosmetic reasons. In addition leaving the gap open can put a strain on the teeth either side. It can also effect your bite as the teeth on either side of the gap may lean together into the space, and alter the way the upper and lower teeth meet. This can in turn cause a number of problems. A dental bridge should last for many years. The life expectancy of any bridge is greatly influenced by factors under your own control such as your diet and how well you look after your teeth. They look great and people can seldom tell that there is a bridge in place. Check out our gallery.

Our cosmetic bridges combine function and a high standard of aesthetics in one.

Advantages of our Bridges

  • Great option for filling gaps in you teeth
  • The ability to chew your food is restored
  • No one will know you have a bridge
  • It keeps your other teeth from becoming displaced
  • Its non surgical unlike the placement of implants

Timescale of Treatment

We use only the very best and award winning laboratories in the UK, Ireland and the USA. We ensure that they produce a bridge for your that can only be described as a work of art. If the bridge is required to act as an implant supported bridge it can take longer to construct than a traditional tooth supported bridge. The preparation required in an implant-retained bridge is at the mercy of the surgical placement and the healing time of the implant placement.

Steps Involved:

  1. Our dentist will give you a thorough assessment and examination prior to commencing the treatment. A treatment plan will be agreed on and your work will be designed.
  2. The design will be sent to one of our laboratory where our ceramists will construct your new teeth.
  3. Your design will be fitted and bonded to your teeth.

Digital Smile Design can be used as part of the initial consultation to show you the end result of your treatment before we ever touch your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentures

Embarrassed by your dentures

We can provide you with the ultimate in Cosmetic Dentures. We use the very latest in dental technology and the keen eye of the very best technicians to create dentures that make false teeth look very real.

A Cosmetic Denture comprises of false teeth that are cosmetically enhanced to look and feel like natural teeth. You can chew your food, eat comfortably and speak clearly.

They are made of a resin that is hard wearing and durable. There are a wide range of colours and stains for both teeth and gums that enable the creation of very realistic look. A full denture replaces all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. The denture fits snuggly on your gum and is supported by your jaw.

This treatment whilst great in the short term for people, in the long-term problems can arise. Due to the shrinking of the jaw, a full denture can begin to move about in the mouth.

Our solution to this problem is to fix the denture in place with a Dental Implant. This holds the denture securely to the gum so that you can enjoy your food, chat and laugh with friends, smile with confidence and never have to worry about your denture moving or falling out.


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